Monday, July 25, 2011

Nyx Girls Polish: Tropical Tones

Today should be Monday...but you never know when you schedule posts! Monday is a public Holiday in Rarotonga so I thought I'd show some tropical toned Nyx Girls polishes I bought recently.

Seriously love this fresh turquoisey minty shade. It's such a pretty clean look on your nails. Perfect for a day at the beach...or any other occasion!

Gorgeous jelly like blue. The sky should be blue and the sea should be blue...whilst I'm sunbathing... In all seriousness Lapis is a very pretty polish. It does remind me of Essies Lapis of Luxury but i think that's more the name and consistency not the colour.

Mermaid Green
Oh!!! I love Mermaid Green. I thought it might be dupey for CG Four leaf Clover...but at least when I compare the bottles it's not. it's a gorgeous jewel toned bright green with a smidge of blue in it. Hhighly awesome colour. I hope it doesn't stain.

Golden Lavender
Golden lavender reminds me of pictures I've seen of Zoya Zara. Gorgeous paled purple/lavender tone with so much gold shimmer shot through it. Seriously the golden shimmer is amazing!


  1. Lapis is really beautiful. I also thought it might be too close to Essie Lapis of Luxury but they look slightly different...that or my color memory is failing me.

  2. those are amazing colours. i wish we had nyx in our drug stores in england. i have to hunt the brand down on ebay its so sad!

    im actually inlove with these

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. ooh i'm totally loving golden lavender and pistachio. both gorrrgeous colors. but then again anything could look good on your nails!

  4. These are all sooooo Beautiful!!!! Great picks!(:

  5. Those are all gorgeous. The blues are all amazing!

  6. OH wow, these are all so beautiful! Where did you get them from? I'm a little obsessed with the turquoisey minty shades at the moment. I just ordered Essie's Mint Candy Apple last night and can't wait to get it :D

  7. Love Golden Lavender :) So pretty!

  8. OMG adding that last one to my wishlist. i hope beautyjoint has it!