Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wedding Procrastination

Since I'm going crazy trying to design a programme for our wedding...
I thought I'd share some of the other things I've been working on.

i have been silly enough to design everything myself...the invitations, the table name cards, the RSVP cards, the favour I forgetting anything? We don't need menus (it's a buffet) and we don't need table numbers (every ones sitting at the same table in a horseshoe shape). Do we need menus for a buffet?

Anyway I can't find a pic of the invitation, but it was pearly blue paper, with cream pearl paper stuck on top with all the information and then a see through overlay page with a blue and sandy circle pattern, finished off with gold thread tied around the middle.

I created everything else to match the circle print paper. it had such a nice beachy look to it. I created an image in photoshop that replicated the circle print and went from there.

Labels for favours
Place setting name cards
I wanted to incorporate some pink into the wedding theme. My bridesmaids dress is a floral print with pink, purple, green, blue flowers on a white base and I plan to have a sprinkling of pink amongst my yellow and white frangipani. So the girls will have pink name cards and favour labels and the boys blue. It should look pretty cool as there are 12 males and 12 females attending our just worked out nice and even.

If anyone can guess the fonts I've used then they are genius. The fonts relate specifically to Nick and myself. One font is 'mine' and one is 'his'. It was just an extra little personal touch.

Anyway...that's taken my mind off doing the programme for a I guess I really should get back to it. Then on to making dinner for mum and dad, they're coming round tonight to wedding organise.


  1. wow your taking on so much, but i admire that(:
    gook luck on everything i hope all goes as planned

    <3 BB

  2. It sounds like it will be beautiful. I'm loving the designs you used on everything. :)

  3. ooo! don't worry i also made my own things during my wedding - it's honestly so much more fun
    i love the design for the favours you have right now btw :D

  4. i love all the designs, u must be superwoman i hear people freak out during their wedding planning stage and become bridezillas

    i dont think u need menus for a buffet although having a laminated one thats big enough to see as ur walking to the food would be handy, or they can just have a look at the food when they get there hehe

    i bet your wedding is lovely!

    BreezeyBree Blog