Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Pre-Wedding Night Out

I said a few days ago I would post pics of my night out on Saturday. After the fabulous afternoon to celebrate our wedding in 2 weeks, Nicks sister and brothers partners took me out for the night. It was an unofficial hens night I guess, we'll be doing a night out in Rarotonga before the wedding, but this was a small celebration at home.

Nicks sister rented a pretty awesome apartment right in central Wellington and the night went from there!

Yea...that is a balcony!
And me on the balcony...
And this was the view from the balcony.
Cute glasses all lined up...on standby!
My awesomely cute new heels.
After we finally got in to the apartment, 5 girls....we had issues with keypads and doors with out signs and a general lack of direction where to  collect the key. Anyway we finally got in and left...for dinner!

Pork Buns
Chicken and Cashew
We settled on a Chinese restaurant that was BYO. Ok...the BYO was the most important thing! Does anyone know what the yellow things in the dish are? I'd really love to know so I can make sure I never have them again. The rest was delicious...but the yellow things...not so much.

We ventured to the supermarket for necessities and I got to continue playing with my new camera.

Courtney Place
The Embassy Theatre
I thought I was safe when we got back to the apartment...I mean it was close to midnight. I was totally ready to sleep lol. Such a party animal I am... but no apparently after having some lazy wines it was time to go out.

This was taken sometime between 2 and 3am...
We finally made it back to the apartment about 4.30am, after a stop at a random pizza place...and crashed on the couches. My feet were killing me...but at least my shoes were cute!

So anyway....thanks Angela, Anna, Nicola and Jess for a fabulous night out. I really am looking forward to being your sister.


  1. I'm pretty sure those yellow things are bamboo shoots. They have a funky taste and celery like consistancy. It's really an acquired taste lol

    Great post!

  2. It could be bamboo... It depends on what the texture was. It looks kind of tofuish to me. *shrug*

  3. that looks like fun :)