Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nyx Girls Polish: The ones I haven't shown...One of them's pink.

Well it's of course Wednesday...So that means pink. I'm still just using China Glaze Calcium Fortifier on my nails. That has a pink tinge in the bottle...?

But luckily I have some more Nyx Girls polishes to show. These are most definitely the brightest of the bunch I have! One of them's a it counts for Pink Wednesday...

Bermuda Triangle...more aqua toned, but you know those colours are horrible to capture!
Blue Ink...a creme compared to Ink Hearts jelly.
Grapefruit...Who eats grapefruit this colour...? Pretty neon red all the same.
Bubblegum...ok seriously in my mind bubblegum is pink. Yea I knew I was ordering a yellow, I just hoped it was more opaque.


  1. Bermuda Triangle is GORGEOUS! I love super bright creams!

  2. I think I prefer Blue Ink to Ink Heart. Did Ink Heart stain your fingers when you were removing it? It stained mine.