Monday, August 1, 2011

Rarotonga: Part 3

Our third day in Rarotonga was awful. It was a day before the wedding and everything was going wrong.

Nick got continually worse through out the night. When he's sick we get worried. He has Nephrotic Syndrome cause by Minimal Change Disorder...a.k.a his kidneys have issues. He is in remission and hasn't had a hospital stay for over a year...but we still get worried when he gets sick.

We ended up taking him up to to the local hospital. Luckily one of dads friends was able to take us and he's a Cook Islander. It was very handy having some one who could speak the language. We got seen very quickly.

Rarotonga Hospital
Turns out Nick wasn't dying, he just sounded like he was. The doctor gave him some antibiotics and some paracetamol. Through out the day he didn't make much improvement and we got to the stage of considering cancelling the wedding...or trying to move it to Saturday. The problem was we couldn't get a photographer for Saturday.

After more meetings with the wedding planner and photographer we decided to try dosing him up with ibuprofen and paracetamol every few hours alternatively. We had to turn off all the air con for him, so it was unbearable being in the room with him.

Then we had to move rooms again, because of that issue with the air con again. Luckily it was only to the room next door. So whilst we had two rooms we thought we'd better try the dress on...which is when I discovered I'd left my bra at home!

After all the issues with Nick being sick, me being unhappy with his family, considering cancelling the wedding, the dress not going on because I was too hot....the bra was the final straw and I broke down.

I hadn't packed any light coloured bras except for a padded taupe one...I really didn't need padding with my dress but we couldn't get to the shops. It was 3.30pm and everything closed at 4pm!

We had a big dinner that night with everyone who was coming to the wedding. Nick of course was in bed. We decided to keep him in mum and dads room so mum could play nurse. She's a much meaner nurse than me and could actually get him to drink.

Wedding Arch.
 We also made time to visit the Wedding arch where we hoped the wedding would happen the next day. Here it is un-decorated.

Sunset from mum and dads room.
And of course Thursdays sunset picture.

I didn't take many pictures on the was rather a stressful day. That night I was up till after midnight writing the list of photos we wanted and trying to make the reception playlist. It wasn't cool doing everything alone.

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