Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color Club Starry Temptress

And now for some seasonally inappropriate polish, well it's winter in New Zealand! Lucky for me I'll still be in Rarotonga when this posts :)

I love the Starry Temptress collection from Color Club this year. It's just so bright and pretty. I know a lot of people were disappointed that the glitter wasn't sparkley enough, but for me, I like it just the way it is. It's interesting to have a glitter in a neon that dries not shiny.

Space Case
Space Case is my favourite. Shimmery light/bright bubble gum pink with glitter. Very pretty and girly and totally matches my new blonde hair!

Of course my camera freaked with Ultra-Astral. Neon pink...with glitter.

Wink, Wink, Twinkle
Wink Wink Twinkle is a really pretty purple neon. The glitter makes it interesting.

I love love love Otherworldly. It's awesome. Blue sea from space...I don't know but it's awesome! I love it. The glitter seems a bit sparklier as well.

Glitter Envy
Glitter Envy was my St Patricks day mani. Everyone at school loved it. They thought it was an awesome neon green. I must say I agree. It's pretty cool!

You Got Soul-ar
You Got Soul-ar is probably my least's hard to capture as well. It's just neon orange...I love a nice bright orange polish...but neon...might still be a bit much for me.

Starry Temptress
The name sake polish is Starry Temptress a pretty glitter designed to go over any of the other polishes to sparkly them up. Awesome! My new favourite glitter.

I would have taken these polishes on holiday with me...but I banned myself from taking any glitters. Who wants to spend time taking off glitter on holiday! So I've stuck to cremes and shimmers in bright tropical colours.


  1. For the most part, I love it. I think the only one I don't really want is the orange... But only because I don't like oranges :)

  2. Overall I love this collection!

  3. Great swatches! Otherworldly looks great on you (: