Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday with Nyx

Well I should actually be in the air between Wellington and Auckland if this posts at the correct time!
Our international boarding is at Wellington Airport so we have to leave at 6am to get there on time.
we'll have a bit of time spare in Auckland airport, but that's better than cutting it so close you're running.

When we arrive in the Cook Islands it will be  Tuesday. Even though we left on Wednesday! Got to love the international date line. Nick says the Cook islands are 22 hours behind us. I've been saying they're 2 hours ahead yesterday. I mean come on, isn't it easier to add 2 hours than to take away 22 to find out the time?
Apparently I'm illogical, he's the one marrying me though!

Anyway I wont actually be wearing pink today but I have been saving Nyx Paradise Nude to show you.
i thought it was the perfect pink to show you all as I'm on my way to Rarotonga to get married in paradise.

Paradise Nude
I had a few issues with patience and applying too much polish to my nails....but i'm sure you get the idea of the colour! just ignore my mistakes. Paradise nude isn't a very special pink, it's actually kind of boring. bright pink creme. But it's a really nice pink! And who doesn't want to be nude in paradise...


  1. So glad you're feeling better! Can't wait to see pictures of the big event! (If you show us any :) )

  2. Very pretty! It's so interesting to wrap your head around the fact that you're going back a day... I'm sure it will be fantastic! I can't wait to hear about it.

  3. haha..nude in paradise is a cute name. I think this is a really nice pink. I wear pink polish like 60% of the time so I would definitely try this color, it's bright but not too neon. Nice post!


  4. It looks very cute! Is it pure creme or jelly-creme?

  5. Liking it a lot! Getting ready for Pink Wed early? This is Tues the 19th when I am reading this, but it's dated July 20th!

  6. Hi there - sorry to post this here but you don't have a link to your email address for posts directed at you. How are retail companies going to contact you with their wish to send you free polishes for your PR???? Also, would like to ask that you put up the widget in Blogger up on your template to allow folks to follow your blog via email. I am not allowed to have a social media presence due to work restrictions and I NEVER get over to my Google dashboard to read stuff. An email link would be sooooo appreciated. Also you really should put up a link to your desired email contact for email related to your blog (unless I have looked and looked and missed it). As you get more followers and keep doing a really good job, you never know what companies might send you goodies to review for them! Please, pretty please, add the window in Blogger to subscribe via email to your blog. Thanks so much!

  7. o/ I wanna be nude in paradise! lol!

    I don't think its a boring hot pink creme at all-I think its hawt! Congrats and enjoy your day!

  8. This is a gorgeous hot pink! Love it :D