Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Super Pink Wednesday

Happy Pink Wednesday! I've decided to use one of the brightest happiest pinks that was in my unswatched pile. Essie Super Bossa Nova is a nice happy bright pink with a subtle shimmer. Not the most unique, but it was a nice bright cheerful colour which is what I needed today.

Super Bossa Nova
Yes Brazilliant would have been brighter...but its not orange Wednesday! 

I needed cheering up with a nice bright colour because I'm back to feeling bad again. Yesterday I went to work. I was cranky and irritable with the kids, they're all sick to and I went from feeling alright to feeling awful again pretty fast. I took today off to visit the doctor. Who asked me why I'd gone into work and told me to take the week off. She was on mums side...more concerned about the wedding than my work. 

It's the last week of term. There's only 2 days left and they would have been easy days. I want to see my class before the holidays and I want to see all the staff. I wish the doctor had just written me a medical certificate for Wednesday and Thursday but she made it through till Monday! Now I'm worried everyone's going to hate me for taking three days off. Especially my last day at school before my wedding...which they can't come to because it's in Rarotonga. I'm going in Friday for morning tea, but I feel so bad that the principal felt like he had to tell me that the staff wanted to do something for me. Like I was forgetting about them or something...
It doesn't help I kept having patches where I feel fine...and then the head starts hurting and my stomach feels queasy and I start coughing again and I remember that actually I am still sick and need to be 100% for the wedding. But I still feel bad and selfish. 

Wow I'm crazy and such a people pleaser. One day I'll turn around and just say 'screw you I'm doing what I want'... but it wont be anytime soon. In the mean time I'll worry about upsetting people and continue to feel guilty. 


  1. Very bright pink but sooooooo pretty.... Uggghhhh sucks you are feeling sick again and WOW you r a big time ppl pleaser, just try not to worry about them this time and think about ur TOP priorities ;-) hope you feel completely better soon!

  2. I appreciate that you want to see your kids before break, but the Dr knows best! If she says you should stay in bed, then by all means, do it! You aren't going to get any better stressing yourself out and over doing things! You want to be well for your wedding!

  3. Gorgeous pink! I feel for you, I am too a people pleaser and a perfectionist and sometimes you can't be that super hero you strive to be. But you just need to take a day off and please yourself!. Take a day off from the fiance and the kids and do an avocado mask, paint your nails and watch chic flicks! I have a great avocado mask review on my blog I think you would LOVE!
    Hope you try it out and feel better!

  4. Thanks so much for the support everyone :)

    I do want to be healthy for the wedding and my class is full of germs at the morning. I'd probably just catch something else.

    I guess I just feel so bad because I'd normally push through it and take the holidays to get better, but I can't do that this time.

    Thanks Hannah I saw your avocado mask. I'm not sure that avacados are in season for us, but I am going to the supermarket later. I need chcolate....screw the pre-wedding diet.