Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Updates

We flew back home yesterday and arrived just after lunch. After being deprived of internet for 10days I went straight to blogger to catch up on nail goss I'd missed.

Thank you everyone who commented on my posts over the last week and a bit. I've just finished reading everyones comments and thought I'd respond to some of them here :)

First up beachgal requested that I add the 'follow by email' widget to my blog. Done! She also asked that I put up some contact information. I've added my email and a facebook page will be coming soon. I wasn't trying to be reclusive not adding contact information...I just never thought anyone would want it! So thanks beachgal, I've added the widget so you can follow via email and added my email just in case!

When I posted my NYX Girls polishes a number of people made comments wishing they could get NYX polishes where they lived and asking where I got mine. Well NYX isn't available here, but lucky for me I know where to buy them online. Cherry Culture and Beauty Joint are both sites I've used and been pleased with. Beauty Joint has better pictures if you're unsure of what colours you're after.

Anyway I'll get around to posting some after holiday haul shots, some holiday snaps, some wedding pics, maybe a swatch or 2 and an award from beauty behaved later in the day and through out the week.

By the way Rarotonga was awesome and I highly recommend spending a lazy week in Raro to everyone!


  1. Welcome back! :D

    Looking forward to pictures. I love wedding pictures. And haul pictures. And vacay pictures. And... Well... I am nosy. ;) :D

  2. How was the wedding? Pictures please!!!!!