Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Hair

While I'm holidign on the phone waiting for the insurance people to answer, I may as well post my new hair.
I didn't get much taken off and just got a few layers and that growing out fringe blended into my hair as more of a side swept fringe. the coolest thing however is the colour.  My hairdresser is awesome she can interpret my 'ah I don't know' and find exactly the colours I'm after.

A lot more blonde. you can see the warm foils and the blonde, blonde foils.
While i'm still holding...Here's some pics of my nails yesterday. I felt myself immediatly drawn to Cult nails Always Winning as soon as I saw the bottle.

Cult nails Always Winning
But then it started peeling so I gave it a healthy dose of OPI Navy Shatter.

OPI Navy Shatter on top Cult Nails always Winning


  1. Your hair is so pretty!!! I love the highlights and the blonde is a great lok for you:)

  2. ur hair looks very cute, i love the colour also i think it makes ur face a little brighter!

    love that opi nail polish looks devine. i love colour shatter nails

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. looks awesome! perfect for your big day :)

    and i don't like that polish on its own but it looks great with the shatter!!

  4. That polish looks amazing with the shatter on top


  5. Thanks so much everyone. I love being blonder and it's perfect for the beach!

    I didn't get a very good picture of Always Winning. I loved it in the bottle...but then on my nails every time i looked at it I got more unsure bout it. I'll have to do a proper swatch.

  6. Your new hair looks great. That mani isn't bad, either. :)

  7. What a fabulous bouncy hairstyle. I love how the highlights frame your face so beautifully. The navy shatter looks fab too! :)

  8. I LOVE your hair! The color is gorgeous!

    Is always winning very bumpy? I like combo with the shatter a lot!

  9. Always winning is very bumpy, which was a shame. I loved the base colour of the polish. Olivey green with gold and I swear I saw some sky blue duo-chrome.

  10. Thanks Vita and Ice queen. I love my new colour :)
    Theres just something fun about being blonde.