Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon Day

It's a beautiful sunshiney day!

I plan on spending my day swatching and cleaning the house. Although I need to pick up more cotton swabs and polish remover first! Maybe I can find some delicious bacon and hashbrowns on special for breakfast.

Happy Super Moon Day...I hope no one is freaking about natural disasters. We'll be having drinks in Wellington tonight...right on one of the major fault lines in New Zealand.

Some of the beauties I plan to swatch today are...

Zoya Mattes
Zoya Reverie Collection
Wicked Sweet...yum!
Starry Temptress...tempting!
Older Sally Hansens I picked up cheaply.
Borghese nudes...options for wedding?
More Borghese I picked up cheaply.
Nicoles...ohhhh...the colours! Rainbow...


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I want them all! Lucky, lucky girl! :)

  2. Lucky...or extremly naughty and didn't budget!