Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alone in the Dark...and a Reverie

Well ok...so the TV still works and that's emitting some light...so not totally alone in the dark!

This morning as I was getting ready to drop Nick down to the bus stop, like I always do at 6.30am, our outside light exploded. It flickered for a little as we watched, then exploded. There were sparks. Now we have no lights.

Nick sent me a long winded text on how to fix it, something about a fuse box and breaker lights one...?
That's outside though, and it'll be lighter soon. I have my laptop...so that's all that matters!

I'm not feeling the approach of Autumn. So here's some more Spring/Summer polishes!

In all honesty Zoya's Reverie collection was not quite what I expected. It's growing on me. I love the polishes more each time I see the pictures, but my initial impressions were not the greatest.








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  2. Adina is still so pretty. Love duochromes. I've slept on Gwin for a while now. I'm feeling oranges at the moment and I'm diggin it.

    I love your nails. I wish mine could get that long without peeling first.

  3. Thanks! Adina and Gwin are my favourites. I'm loving oranges at the moment as well! It kinda makes me feel we're not going into Autumn.