Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Magical Sally Hansens

Omg. These are amazingly Magical.

Cooper Cauldron and Mystical Mandarin
Neither polish lives up to it's name. I'm not really a cooper person...although a nice holo mandarin would have been awesome. One was too thick, one was too thin. One was a one coater, the other was two coats. I can't remember which was which!

Cooper Cauldron

Mystical Mandarin
Mystical Mandarin was too thick and was the one coater. Cooper Cauldron was too thin and the two coater. Though can I really say it was too thin when it looked so awesome after two coats? Both had no base coat and no top coat. I had no issues with not using a base coat. They were just plain awesome. Wish I could get my hands on more Magicals!


  1. WOWOWOW. I've never heard of this brand before, but man that holo is hot!

  2. Prit! I like Mystical Mandarin - though, other than the bottle, I don't see any colour that I would call mandarin :O

  3. Where did you get these polishes? I would love to find out! :) I've never heard of them before!

  4. The Sally Hansen magicals are amazing! but very old. I found these on ebay, they're still available. If anyone wants the seller I used let me know :)

  5. Oh that is soooo pretty! I got to get me some