Monday, March 28, 2011

BB Couture: A Touch of Greece

I love Greek mythology. As soon as I worked out I could change the names of the drives on my computer...I changed them to names from Greek mythology. My SD cards are Artemis and Apollo, my iPod is Hebe, my bright pink camera is Aphrodite and the drives on my computer are Athena, Iris and Nyx.

Yeah...dorking out a little...but I like my naming system!

When I found out BB Couture had a collection named for Greek Goddesses...well I needed it. I've been trying to get my hands on some BB Coutures for awhile, but I've had issues with the website not loading. But the planets alligned and actually loaded! I found the bbnails website better to order from than overall beauty, shipping was a much better price for me. Talking about shipping....these polishes arrived so fat. I wasn't expecting them for ages.

Hemera, Aphrodite, Selene and Nike
I ordered four of the six polishes from the girls Touch of Greece collection. I wasn't sure about Cybele...the colour was very unusual, and I decided I didn't need another green I wasn't going to wear. Sorry Gaia...but I have too many other greens I have to wear first.

 Selene is a goddess of the moon, unfortunately for her the Greek gods had some restructuring and Artemis took her job. Luckily for Selene she makes a stunning nail polish. Hot pink with a blue flash and some tiny holo glitter thrown in.

 Nike is the goddess of victory, and a very pretty purple Polish. Of course my camera has made this one more blue. Nike is actually a very pretty, more red toned, purple with silver flecks of awesomeness.

 Hemera is the goddess of the daytime. A beautiful bight coral with silver flecks. Hemera was actually my surprise favourite.

Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. A frosty strawberry pink with silver flecks. I wanted more from Aphrodite, but still I don't have any pinks quite the same in my collection and she is pretty and girly and sweet.

I wanted an Athena and a Hebe. Athena a cool silver with pink and purple duo chrome? Hebe a glowing red with flecks?

All in all I'm very happy with my BB Couture polishes and can't wait to rock some Greek goddesses on my nails!


  1. Hemera is gorgeous! Corals are my favorite for spring/summer.

  2. Hemera is incredibly awesome! And it was awesome in 2 coats. Not 5 billion.

  3. Beautiful!! I need me some more BBCs! Did you get any more from this collection? I was really digging the mens' side!

  4. Thanks :) These were my first BB Coutures. I was feeling a little poor, so I couldn't buy the whole collection. Some of the mens colours were really interesting though! I might have to revisit bbnails!

  5. I too am absolutely in crazy love with Hemera....never thought I'd be a coral kind of girl! The colours all look fabulous on you! Great post...loved it!

  6. Thanks :)

    I've been wearing Hemera on my toes the last 2 weeks, I just keep re-applying it. Can't get enough!