Saturday, March 26, 2011

One More Lonely Girl

Nick's away all weekend for work, so I'm home alone all by myself. I do have a lot of work to do for parent teacher interviews coming up...So I should be pretty busy. I just don't like being alone at night! At least our house isn't so big, but I still slept with the hall light on. Ted rattles his cage and tries to get the latch open, he's quite the cunning mouse. It just makes the kind of noise as though somethings trying to get in! Not great at night when you're home all alone.

My Life Saver, Me+Blue, One Less Lonely Glitter, Step to the Beat of My Heart and OMB!
I couldn't resist the Beiber Collection, I did try, although not very hard! When I though it wouldn't be available in New Zealand it was easy to resist...and then I found it. So I bought 5 polishes from the collection.

Step to the Beat of My Heart

One Less Lonely Glitter

My Life Saver


I actually found it hard to pick my favourite from the polishes I picked up. I love My Life Saver, it's so much easier to apply than For Audrey. I love Me+Blue...gorgeous bright blue and holo glitter...mmmm! I love One Less Lonely Glitter, I went to 4 shops to find it, all over the Wellington Region. I love Step to the Beat of My Heart, I didn't own any novelty glitters with hearts. I love OMB! bright glowing almost metallic red. In all honest Beiber polishes are awesome. So it still weirds me out that he has a polish line....?


  1. I bought Me + Blue and I LOVE it!!! My BF could not believe I bought a Justin Beiber polish lol

  2. My partner gave me a raised eyebrows look when I purchased Beiber polish...but I think he's used to me now! I actually had to go back to the shop a third time to get My Life Saver...So worth it!