Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nubar Holo's

I love Holo's. So it's not surprising that I bought the complete collection of Nubar Holo's. I forget the name of the collection. I would google it to double check, but I'm incredibly tired from teaching today. I feel like a broken record and that I'm hitting a brick wall. So no commentary, enjoy the pics!

Absolute: Pretty but very sheer, this was three coats. I have crazy white tips though.
Treasure: again pretty but doesn't cover for me.
Brilliant: I want to love, it's so pretty and girly...but far to sheer for me.

Spark: Office appropriate Holo. Much better coverage than the other three.


  1. lol yup! I was having a blonde day...:)
    that reminds me to re-dye my hair!