Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last of a French Affair...

I loved the four Essie French Affair polishes I had bought so much I just had to buy the remaining two. I'm so glad I did, because I love these polishes. I'm not normally a pale purple person, but Nice is Nice is lovely. Kisses and Bisses is amazing as well!

Kisses and Bisses
 Kisses and Bisses is a sheer Essie. Yes...another sheer Essie, but Kisses and Bisses is stunning. Pearly white with a strong deep pink flash. Maybe not the best look for me worn alone...those are some long nail tips! It's not my fault my nail bed is so short :(. Kisses and Bisses is amazing for the possibilities it brings. I loved Topless and Barefoot, but would have loved it more with some shimmer...Kisses and Bisses can provide that shimmer! I can't wait to try layering it over the other polishes in the collection. It just adds that something special.

Nice is Nice
 Nice is Nice is an amazing soft pastel purple. I'm not very good at naming purple shades. I'm not a pastel person. The last pale pastel purple I tried made my hands look hideous and dead. Nice is Nice doesn't do that. I actually find the polish very flattering, I'd go so far as to say I like it more than Marely. Nice is Nice just seems to suit me much better. Though I find the name Nice nice or nice is Nice!

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