Sunday, March 6, 2011

Essie Spam!

A couple of weeks ago I went on a crazy Essie buying spree.
No I didn't need most the colours I bought...but it was still fun opening the boxes they arrived in and testing them all!

Sand of a Beach...yup I bought this one for the name!

Monkey Business...another bought for the name!

Porcini, I so wanted this polish to be pinker. It's pretty but I wanted it so badly and then it wasn't what I had expected.

Bootleg, exactly what I expected. Muted pink tone with gorgeous subtle, yet sparkly silver shimmer. Yum!

Sew Psyched, delicious muted green with subtle silver shimmer.

Fondola Gondola, another that wasn't exactly how I imagined it. Pretty but disappointing. I'll get over it though!
I still have two more to play with, but I'm not really feeling the colours right now. So I'm feeling very unmotivated to try them. Very Autumn colours and I still want it to be Summer.

Now I'm off to hunt down One Less Lonely Glitter...there was one left in the store yesterday...So fingers crossed!


  1. Wow, I polished some older Essies today :) I have Porcini and like it quite a lot.

  2. Porcini is very pretty with that strong gold shimmer!

  3. Sand of Beach is really cute ! I need to get more Essie's

  4. Essies are great. In my experience the formula has been awesome and I've liked every colour I've bought.