Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yes I did just say OMB.

I found the Justin Beiber polishes at Farmers today. I walked away with Me+Blue and Step to the Beat of My Heart. I'm kicking myself for not buying One Less Lonely Glitter...Even though I know I don't tend to wear glitters. I still haven't worn any of my Burlesque glitters. But maybe I'd wear One Less Lonely Glitter...

I also did something super naughty...
I can't believe I'm actually saying this...but omg I totally want to have a giveaway. I keep seeing things that would be so awesome to include. So today I finally did it...I purchased some awesome polishes...they're enroute to when they arrive I'll scheme more!

And so this post has some content...

Essie Bachelorette Bash
Should I have a bachelorette party...or just do a bridal shower....decisions!

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