Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm slowly getting over my buyers remorse...ok so it didn't last long. Look at these pretties I got from Australis! Australis is one of the less expensive brands of nail polish available in New Zealand. Kind of along the lines of the Rimmel polishes and slightly less expensive than Maybelline. At $11.50 it's more or less reasonable. OPI's retail for $24.90. Yes nail polish prices in New Zealand are crazy.

These first two polishes are limited edition polishes, boringly named Limited Edition 1 and Limited Edition 2.

Limited Edition 1 with natural light
Limited Edition 1 with flash
Limited Edition 1 was a difficult polish to photograph, at least while the sun was hiding from me. It is a dark taupe with purple shimmer...sound familiar? I wish I could compare it to Perplex...but alas...Limited Edition will have to kill my craving! 2 coats.

Limited Edition 2
Limited Edition 2 looks like it takes its inspiration from another polish as well. Radioactive green slime in colour with a subtle shimmer. This is 2 coats. A very interesting colour to wear, I actually found it to be very flattering. Unfortunately macro wasn't very flattering on my skin. Nick commented my fingers look old. I've been doing a lot of art with the kids and that involves a lot of cleaning brushes and immersing my fingers in yucky paint water.

Sin City
 Sin City was included in the display with the two limited edition polishes. It is described as a black with opal glitter. A very pretty colour, black and trendy yet a more subtle version of black. Was almost a one coater, 2 coats\.

Knickers in a Knot
 Knickers in a Knot was another polish hanging out with the limited edition polishes. A pink/red polish that is very vibrant. I just loved the name, it made me giggle. My mum loves to ask me why my knickers are in a knot when I get cranky. Once again excellent coverage, 2 coats.

Satine wasn't in the new display, it was hiding in behind some other colour, all by its little lonesome. I bought Satine as a polish to try for a wedding colour. I'm quite impressed. Yes sure its sheer but it's very pretty and built up quite nicely. I love that its an ivory, off white not a white polish. I think it's very flattering. I just wish it had some shimmer, I may need to try Essie, Kisses and Bisses layered with it.  This is 3 thicker coats.


  1. Limited Edition 1 definitely looks similar to Perplex. I have a spare bottle that you're welcome to if you want? I'm in Auckland, btw. They had a huge make up clearance up here, and (literally) had boxes full of Perplex.

  2. Ohhh! I am jealous, I never seem to get the decent clearance sales. I'd love a bottle of Perplex. I have some polishes I could trade you :)
    And yay for another New Zealander!

  3. Sorry about getting back to you so late! My email's samanthacheah[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to flick me a message :)

  4. Number one looks so very close to Paradoxal, others are great too