Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opps...I'm an Addict

I really need to go on a no buy. This pay I got a bonus...a small one...and some back pay...a small amount. Either way I ended up with more money than usual...and now I have much less money than usual. What happened?

I know what happened...I bought too much nail polish :(

It started on ebay...I just had to have the Zoya Sparkle collection.

Alegra, Gilda and Nidhi.
Ivanka, Charla and Mimi
Then my spending continued at Farmers, where I must have been the first person to pounce on the Nicole Justin Beiber polishes...

My Life Saver, Me+Blue, One Less Lonely Glitter, Step to the Beat of My Heart and OMB!
Admittedly I did go back over the week...Now they only have My Life Saver and Step to the Beat of My Heart Left. I was so lucky to manage to pick up One Less Lonely Glitter.

Whilst hunting for One Less Lonely Glitter I began to feel despondent...and just had to buy two Australis polishes to cheer myself up...

Sin City and Limited Edition 1.
After all my spending at Farmers I had earned enough beauty points for a $20 voucher, which I of course had to spend. Australis nail polishes were 15% off and look at that lime green, it has shimmer as well!

Limited Edition 2, Satin and Knickers in a Knot.
And just because I have a problem...when I spotted these gorgeous glass fleck Maybellines from the 2009 Summer collection...well they needed to come home with me as well.

Mandarin Heat, Blazing Berry, Magenta Shock and Aqua Electric.
Unfortunately that's not the worst thing I did. I ordered 5 more Deborah Lippmann polishes and the complete Starry Temptress and Wicked Sweet collections from Color Club. I also managed to order a new battery for my HP mini...but at least that's something I actually needed!

Someone should start a therapy group for nail addicts.
I truly do feel awful about my spending...but then I see the pretty colours and feel happy. It's a vicious cycle. Someone cut up my credit card please.


  1. Well, at least you have some pretty colors to last you for a while!

  2. Someone should. "Hi, my name is BMR and I'm a nail addict."

    You got some really nice colors. :)

  3. Awesome new polishes!! I want the Starry Temptress and Wicked Sweet collections, jealous! :) Which Deborah Lippmann's did you buy!?

  4. They are very pretty colours!

    I ordered Some Enchanted Evening Glitter in the Air, naked, Happy Birthday and Ruby Red Slippers.

    I can't wait to get them!