Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm a primary school teacher, so you'd think I'd know my seasons...but no. I actually had to ask someone yesterday if it was really Autumn. Yes, it took me until March 23rd to realise that we were now in Autumn. In all fairness New Zealand gets some of it's best weather during February and March...and we do refer to Term One as the Summer Term...

The weather lately has mostly been gorgeous sunshine, with the odd day where everything throws the towel in and goes down hill. It gets cold very fast, rains heavily and is generally dark and miserable. Tuesday was one of those days, when it finally hit me that it was Autumn.

Because I'm still clinging on to are some more gorgeous Zoyas. The Sparkle Collection from last year. I love me some sparkle!

 Mimi is a gorgeous sparkling purple. To be honest I don't see myself and Mimi being the best of friends...but she's so darn pretty to resist!

 Alegra is more my ind of colour. I think Alegra and I will get on just fine. Such a pretty darker pink, with oh so much sparkle again. Did anyone else dork out and go...Mimi? Alegra...? Blue Bloods? Or am I the only one who reads semi trashy vampire novels! (and I say trashy with much love...I love a good book I can just zone out and read, no real thinking required. I still haven't managed to get past page 60 on the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo....that's what happens when I read thinking books!)

 Oh! Charla I don't care if you have many dupes, I still love you. Turquoise shades of green and blue are my favourite colours. Add sparkle and you have me hooked.

 My mum wants this one. She looks amazing in greens, but never lets me do her nails green. We have to stick to reds and neutrals. Ivanka is helping change her mind. Ivanka is a beautiful green though!

 Nidhi...not a common name in New Zealand. I know far more Annemaries. Annemarie is a really awesome name that should totally have it's own polish...though I may be biased...Nidhi is a very pretty light red though. Not as sparkly yet holds her own. Pretty golden shimmer.

Gilda is amazing. Beautiful very vibrant pink. Actually Gilda is about the same colour as my very awesome camera. The 6 year old girls in my class loved Gilda, and as far as pink lovers go....they're the experts!

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