Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nubar Holo's Again

While the first part of the Nubar Prisms collection are smooth, yet not true linear holos, the second part of the collection are gritty scattered holos. A couple of the polishes have duo-chrome tendencies and one is rather frosty. It's something different though.

Prize is a red toned pink, or a pinkish red with a lot of holo glitter thrown into it. Prize works well and I quite like the effect.
Jewel is, I think, my favourite of the collection. Rich brown, with goldy shimmer and holo scatter.
Gem is an amazing colour. Mushroomy grey pink, and scattered holo.
Essence is a tad frosty and some of the holo gets lost. It's still a very pretty warm peach pink.
And just for good measure....Reclaim, a very pretty linear holo green from the Going Green Collection. shows Nubar knows how to make gorgeous linear holo's...they just decided not to?


  1. Those are so pretty! I think my favorite is Reclaim! :)

  2. Reclaim is stunning! THough it needs some linear holo buddies...hint hint Nubar!

  3. Are these still made? I really like Reclaim. Think I need it in my collection.

  4. Hey ya, yup they're all still available. Well nothing's ever available in New Zealand...but I picked these up for reasonable prices on ebay :)
    If you want the seller I use, let me know.

  5. They're so pretty ! My winner is Gem definitely

  6. It's a toss up for me...Gem or Jewel...I can't decide!

  7. I'm interested by the seller personnaly they are really awesome!