Monday, March 7, 2011

Nail Adventures...

Wow...I have never ever had to visit more than one shop to find a nail polish I just couldn't live without...
Ok so I do mainly buy my polishes online, but as far as I know I can't get the Nicole OPI Justin Beiber polishes online. Well at least not cheaply.

I picked up Me+Blue and Step to the Beat of My Heart on Saturday.

Step to the Beat of My Heart and Me+Blue
 I left the store stoked with my new polishes...and then I started thinking...I needed One Less Lonely Glitter. There was only one left, and by the time I wanted it the store was closing. I vowed to head in on Sunday and buy it at opening. But Sunday had different ideas, and I ended up having brunch out and going to the airport.

On the way we managed to stop at three other Farmers stores trying to find the polish that I just had to have.
Lambton Quay had everything but OLLG. Kilbirnie had nothing, they had the tiniest OPI stand ever. Cuba St had nothing, although they had the larger OPI stand. I even tried Kirkcaldies and Stains...I was desperate.

On our way back out of Wellington to the Hutt Valley we stopped at Queensgate Farmers. The store I had originally seen OLLG at...the one where they only had one left on Saturday.
Fortunately they still had that same one left at cosing on Sunday. Although they had no Me+Blue left.

I decided to buy OMB! as well, just so I had no more regrets...although now I'm eyeing up My Lifesaver...

One Less Lonely Glitter and OMB!
One Less Lonely Glitter
It was totally worth the effort to find it!

I didn't come away from the Kilbirnie Farmers empty handed either. They had a display with some Australis limited edition polishes. I purchased Limited Edition looks quite perplexy, and Sin City...omg black with glass flecks...delicious! If you bought two or more you received a free gift, nail polish remover wipes. score :)

Sin City, Limited Edition One and Nail Polish Remover Wipes.
Sin City and Limited Edition One


  1. Can't wait to see swatches!!
    Love that LE One, looks tasty!

  2. Thanks! I was suprised to find such an awesome colour. I went back today and found Limited Edition Two...a toxic green with slight shimmer.