Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Suit

I felt like wearing a glamorous yet subtle polish. So on Wednesday night I applied Deborah Lippmann Naked.
Naked is the perfect creamy nude. It applied beautifully and was perfect after 3 thin coats.

Please excuse the state of my hands, I took these photos after a day at school. We were mostly doing art, so I had my hands in water a lot for the clean up. Luckily the polish withstood it!

Late last night I go a text saying that Nicks brothers partner was going into labour. Their beautiful baby boy was born this morning at 5.31am. In my own quiet celebration, I applied Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday to my Naked nails.

Late last night with flash
Full sunlight
Sparkling in the shade.
Now I'm off to hunt down a couple of BYS polishes. I bought Down the Rabbit Hole the other day and didn't realise I was going to need Through the Looking Glass and Adventures of Alice as well! BYS also have some funky colour changing polishes, so we'll see what I come back with! Then its work work work for me :(


  1. Both colors are gorgeous!!! :) The two of them are on my wishlist!

  2. I'm loving the combination of the two! Looks great on you.

  3. Thanks! They are amazing polishes. Naked is perfect.