Friday, February 18, 2011

Zoya Intimate

Recently I received my first Zoyas. I was a little reluctant to purchase Zoya polishes, not because I didn't desperately want them but because I wasn't sure how to get them! I actually had to use ebay in the end :(
But I did get the Intimate and Flame collections and I love them both!

Gemma is a stunning sagey green with a very pretty blue/purple shimmer. Spring screams purple and green to I think Gemma is the epitome of Spring colours.

Jules is an old colour in the batch of purple, green and greys. She's a gold taupe. Very pretty and work appropriate. Jules was actually the one I put on first. Then I applied a matte top coat...

I actually really liked Jules matte. Very pretty and muted but with an edge of shimmer.

Greys make me look slightly red...but Dove is very pretty and has an awesome formulae! I really like dove, very soft flattering grey and two coats.

Marley was a hard colour for me to wear, I don't really do light purple tones...I do like Marley, a very pretty pastel with subtle shimmer. Almost a pearl shimmer. Marley was a little thick for me though.

Danni is such a pretty sparkly purple. Sparkly purple, gold shimmer, gorgeous! A much better purple shade on me than Marley.

Caitlin is a stunning grey with a hint of purple. Very flattering. I'm not normally a fan of cremes, but I'm a fan of these Zoya cremes!

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