Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love Firefly. I didn't know about it when it was on TV. To be honest I'm not sure it made it to TV in New Zealand before it was released on DVD. I was one of those people who made DVD sales good enough to make a movie. I love Serenity as well!

I now own both Serenity and Firefly on Bluray and have passed my loved DVDs on to mum.
I find it difficult to choose a favourite episode, but Shindig is definitely one of my most watched and all time favourites. Frilly dresses, parties, duals, cockney bad guys, captain tight pants and sword fights....what's not to love!

So when  I saw an Essie polish called Shindig on Ebay...well I just had to have it! I wasn't expecting mush, after all I did just buy it for the name. I was however pleasantly surprised with Shindig. The colour is a pretty coral with shimmer. It took three coats till I was happy, but that's normal!

It stunk! No seriously it really stunk. I'd doubt it was 3-free! It really did smell that bad. But it is awesome, it looks good with my skin tone and it's called Shindig!

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