Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Day...and some Milani's

Wow I am exhausted.
Today was the first day back at school for the 250 children that attend the school I teach at.
It was an exciting and very tiring day.

It was exciting meeting the 24 awesome kids in my class. I taught in the middles last year, and this year I'm in the Juniors. I didn't know who half of the kids were until today.

The wireless network cut and I couldn't print anything until morning tea.
A kid threw up in my class.
One child wrote their favourite food was porn (popcorn).

Milani is one brand that surprised me. Milani is not available in NZ, but luckily we do have Internet so I am able to order from Cherry Culture. Every colour I have tried I actually really like. Although I have only bought the ones I now I'll love!



  1. I knew I needed Gems as soon as I saw it! Hi-res is gorgeous! I wore it all weekend until I killed it by gardening :(

  2. Droooling.. I want these so bad! All of them!