Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nubar Wedding Possibilities

Ever since we got engaged...2 whole months ago...I've been on the look out for the perfect wedding day polish.

We're getting married on July 22nd, the middle of our winter. But we're going to Rarotonga...sunshine!
So my hands will be pasty, but I need something summery...
For some reason getting the perfect nail polish is really important to me, even though I have no idea what I want!

I ordered some Nubars to test and they arrived a few days ago.

Blushing Bride, Pink Cami and Tulle
None of the polishes turned out how I thought they would, and I don't think they're my 'wedding polish'.

Pink Cami. 3 coats.
As you can see Pink Cami is very sheer. Very pretty, but very sheer. It's a very soft delicate pink with slight green shimmer. It might work better if I did a french manicure, but my nail tips are so long compared the rest of my nail I always feel a little weird about doing a french.

Blushing Bride. 2 coats.
Blushing Bride is such a pretty pearly, shimmey pink. It's too pink though! Well too pink for a wedding polish for me. That's not going to stop me wearing it when ever else I can. I really do like Blushing Bride, it's just not my wedding polish.

Tulle. 2 coats.
Tulle is a very pretty glitter. It'sslighty yellow based, so brings out the yellow in my nails when worn alone, but it is a stunning layering polish. Tulle is a very sweet fine glitter. Just like a sugar coating!


  1. Blushing Bride is not a wedding color but looks very good! For a wedding occasion, I´d vote for OPI´s Fit For A Queensland or Chanel´s Intermezzo. They are almost the same :)

  2. Thanks! I'll have to ckeck out Fit For A Queensland. I think it'll be easier to get than the Chanel for me :)