Sunday, February 20, 2011

A French Affair...

The other day I received some of the polishes I ordered while on my Essie kick.

Most notably four polishes from the French Affair 2011 Spring collection. I know a lot of people would complain about boring Essie pinks and nudes, but I actually really liked the four polishes I ordered. So much so that I ordered the other two polishes while I continued my Essie ordering kick.

 Topless and Barefoot is a nude. It's streaky at the first coat, depending on application you may even need 3 coats. In saying that the formulae is smooth and I liked the application. It's an Essie polish. The colour of Topless and Barefoot is why I love this polish. It's a nude beige with a hint of pink and I think it's the perfect nude for me.

 Coat Azure will be the only polish that most nail fanatics will want from this collection. It's a stunning blue with silver shimmer. Reminiscent of Lapis of Luxury but not quite the same blue, and definitely not a straight creme

 Sand Tropez is another stunning nude. A beigey tan with a grey tint. I think this is another nude that looks near perfect on me, but it lacks the pink girlishness of Topless and Barefoot. So Sand Tropez will have to settle for being my second favourite nude!

French Affair is the Essie pink of the collection. It applies well and opaquely. I don't recall French Affair being quite as stark as it looks in my pictures. French Affair is a pretty soft pale pink. Very feminine, not normally my colour but I actually like it. I don't own many pale pinks.

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