Friday, February 11, 2011

Polish Name Dropping

The other day my Katy Perry polishes arrived in the mail. Unfortunately my black shatter...was well shattered.
It always surprises me when a polish breaks, but an OPI polish? those bottles are solid, and it was wrapped in so much bubble wrap. I can't see how it was broken.

Luckily I also received the Serena Williams polishes...which included Black Shatter.

Nick made me laugh so much. It was one of those "my mums better than your mum" kind of scenarios.

A girl he works with was talking about nail polish, so my darling pipes up and asks if she's heard of the new Katy Perry OPIs because his partner has them and she has black shatter.

Hahahaha. He hated black shatter when I showed him. He loved watching it dry, but didn't like it on me.
Though he still feels the need to name drop it! The Katy Perry polishes are not available in NZ and I'm not sure if they will be. None of the OPI displays I've seen had room for the Katy Perry or the Texas. So they need to do some serious reshuffling!

The One that Got Away
I was surprised by how much I like the One That Got Away. Such a gorgeous deep pinky colour. Very sparkly and very pretty.

Not Like The Movies
I didn't love Not Like the Movies as much as I thought I would. It's a very pretty silver duo polish with silver flecks, but it's not so good with my skin tone in my opinion.

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