Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Look What Came in the Post!

I checked the mail box today. NOTHING! The lid on the neighbours mail box flips open when I open our box...and she had a parcel. I was insanely jealous. I wanted my parcels!

I pottered round the house, cleaning, baked a delicious chocolate brownie...then went to pick Nick up.

First thing he does when he gets home is walk over to our french doors round the side of the house and says "Honey why are there all these parcels outside?".

The lovely postman had dropped 3 parcels round the side of the house for me, for safety. We have a very long driveway, so it was very much so out of his way. So kind :)

Dress Maker, Teddy Bare, Bare in Mind

Hi-Tech, 3D, HD

Golden Seahorse, Wonderland and Free lip balm that smells yummy.
I was expecting the first parcel I opened to be the color clubs I ordered, but instead it  was my Cherry Culture order. I'm tempted to order some sinful colors from Cherry Culture, they're having a Valentines sale. Entering code VDS20 at check out takes 20% off your purchase...so tempting!

The other two parcels were very exciting. They contained my very first Zoyas. I ordered the intimate collection sampler and the flame sampler, though mine still says Fire and Ice.

Dove, Marley, Gemma

Danii, Jules, Caitlin

Tiffany, Gloria, Crystal

Lisa, Sara, Valerie.
Ohhhh so pretty! I can't wait to try them all out. Sadly that will have to wait :(
I have another teacher only day, so should probably brush my hair and get ready to go!

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