Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday was a bad day. I was still getting over this head cold I had all weekend and it was stinking hot.
The kids lost it by the afternoon...and I thought it was still a good idea to do art?

So they weren't listening, mangaged to accidently spill a whole jar filled with blue dye and while I was sorting out the blue dye, one kid came with blood dripping out his mouth...luckily it was only a tooth! 6 year olds lose them all the time.

The dye went everywhere. All over the birthday girls birthday dress, all over another girls tshirt and then another girl managed to have her foot in the way...bright blue foot!

I guess I have to laugh now, but at the time when all the other kids were being nosey and tryingto but in I just had to yell stop. They've not heard me yell before, I try to stay calm...but they were so noisey I had to do something big to get everyones attention. Right after we had a chat about everyone being positive!

Then we had our staff meeting...Then I rushed home to get home before Nick.

The letter box was empty, the house was a mess and there were two parcels on the back door step. I squealed. I got very very excited. That meant my crackles had arrived!

Crushed Candy, Broken Hearted, Lightning bolt and Cracked Concrete.

First base, Matte about you and Good to go.

Catch the Bouquet and Supernatural. Honest these are very very different!

Monkey Business, In Stitches, Island Hopping and Sew Pysched.

Kisses and Bisses, Nice is Nice, Fondola Gondola and Sand of a Beach.

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