Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zoya Flame

I have started a love affair with Zoya. I I need more!

The colours are gorgeous, the formulae is divine, the brush is so easy to use...and most importantly for my slightly OCD self...the bottles sit together so nicely.

Sadly I only have twelve zoya. I've already posted six, so that's only six more to go.

Crystal is stunning metallic blue with gold flecks. The gold is so pretty, and separate from the blue. Absolutely gorgeous!

Tiffany is my new love. An absolutely stunning peachy tone with the same separated gold flecks as Crystal. I didn't expect to love Tiffany so much, but she looks amazing on! And it may be vain, but wow Tiffany looks good with my skin tone!

I expected to love Gloria more. Gloria is a very pretty rosey pink with the same finish as Crystal and Tiffany. There's just something slightly bland about it though...I don't know I'm possibly crazy. I am running a temperature right now.

I think that Lisa may be the most beautiful red polish I own. I'm not a red person, but I could be Lisa! Such a pretty bright vibrant red, with so much sparkle.

Sara is Lisa's big sister. Same gorgeous shimmery finish, but a tad darker and slightly more grown up than Lisa. Simply stunning!

Valerie is amazing. It's everything I expected and more! Very reminiscent of the Orly Cosmic FX polishes. Different colours but same multicoloured fleck effect. Not exactly a duochrome, but still packed with beautiful colours.

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