Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini OPI's

I had a bit of fun on ebay and may have gotten slightly carried away. I ordered a bunch of the OPI mini's.

The mini's are tiny. Absolutely tiny.

I ordered Go Goth. The 2010 Halloween polishes, featuring Sanguine, Obscurity, Nevermore and Unripened.
I also thought I'd grab the 2009 Halloween polishes, with Witch Arm, Tattoo Want Candy, I Love Mummy and Glow-Ink the Dark. I needed to round of the Halloween collection.

Obscurity: Matte black.  Nevermore: basically OPI Ink. Sanguine: Blood red. Unripened:" Black with turquoise shimmer.
Witch Arm: black creme. Glow-Ink the Dark: rather sheer glowing cornflower. Tattoo Want Candy: bright orange creme. I love Mummy: White creme.
Glow-Ink the Dark, Witch Arm, I love Mummy, Tattoo Want candy. (All one coat only)
I also felt the need for some mid year christmas cheer, so I ordered the 2009 Mini Merries.
I am in love with Shim-merry Chic! Must get full size.

Mini Merries: Comet loves Cupid, All a-Bordeaux the Sled, Holiday Glow and Shim-merry Chic.

Shim-merry Chic, Holiday Glow, All a-Bordeaux the Sled and Comet loves Cupid.
 Shim-merry Chic: as I said I love this colour. Antique bronzey gold with glitter and flecks and sparkles and shimmer. Christmas.
Holiday Glow: I really didn't like this one. Its just too brown and dirty for me. Although I loved it layered over All a-Bordeaux the Sled.
All a-Bordeaux the Sled: A dark vampy wine red. Not really my colour, I'm much more of a pink girl. I do like it with Holiday glow layered over top though.
Comet Loves Cupid: A bright red creme. I like this colour but I'm not really a red nail girl.

All a-Bordeaux the Sled with Holiday Glow layered on top, Holiday Glow and Shim-merry Chic.

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