Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI Excitment

Yesterday I had a long awaited for package of NYX and today, running late again, I found an exciting parcel of OPI on my doorstep. It's not encouraging me to get up earlier and be on time!

Lets see the Ring, Princesses Rule!, Heart Throb, Dim Sim Plum and Dutch Tulips.
Nail polish is a very recent obsession of mine. I've only just seemed to notice my nails are not the same as when I was a teenager. I had very week nails that broke easily and were never lon enough to look good with polish. Now my nails seem alot stronger and have been growing nicely. I also seem to have just discovered the vast shades of nail polish I can buy!
I played it safe with this order, but I love all the colours.

Lets see the ring: Yes I did just buy this one for the name! I wanted a pearly white colour so choose this one for the name. Hint hint, I would like a ring... My mother tried this polish first, and wow it looked pretty bad on her. It was rather funny, but on me, a whole different story. It looks so clean and pretty.

Lets see the Ring
Princesses Rule!: YAY sparkles! How could I not order a pretty, sparkly pink polish that includes princess in it's name...Love love love.
Princesses Rule
Heart Throb: This is amazing. Its prefect for me. I didn't realise that Heart Throb would be so sheer, but I'm so glad it is. After two coats my nails have a gorgeous shiny pinkness. I first tried Heart Throb to layer Princesses Rule! over, but its so gorgeous by it's self. I prefer it alone.

Heart Throb
Dim Sim Plum: I bought this one to specifically match a cardigan I have. The cardigan matches three dresses I own and now I have the perfect nail polish to match.
Dim Sim Plum
Dutch Tulips: I'm much more of a neutral and pinks girl. Dutch Tulip has more of a pinkness than I expected, which puts me back in my comfort zone! It's such a pretty colour, I cant wait to find a good excuse to wear it out and show it off.
Dutch Tulips

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