Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NYX Haul

So I weakened, I gave in, I had to try some different NYX products.

I decided to order from Cherry Culture.

I ordered alot. I ordered extra so I could make up for my spending by selling the extras.
NYX is not readily avaliable in NZ, so I thought I'd share the love!

A very exciting box!
It took 2 weeks for my parcel to arrive at my door. It was a very exciting day when it arrived!

All very safely bubble wrapped.
Nothing's broken.
I did get a few doubles, but I didn't include them in my photo.

In no particular order...

Powder blush: Pinched and Natural.

Glitter Mania Powder: Crystal, Pink, Gold, Silver and Disco Ball.

Slim lip pencils: Nude Pink, Nude beige, Mauve, Natural, Rose and Hot Red.

For your eyes only: Smokey Eyes and Sexy Blue Eyes.

Jumbo Eye Pencils: Milk, Black Bean.

Round Lip Gloss: Kiss, Whipped, Sorbet, Soap Opera Queen, Ballerina Pink and Doll Pink.

Round Lipstick: Black Cherry, Margarita, Jupiter, Doll, Twist, Louisiana, Fig, Femme, Thalia, B52, NYX, Indian Pink, Harmonica, Iris, Narcissus, Electra, Hades, Herades, Snow White, Perfect, Mars, Lala, Paris, Heather and Tea Rose.

Lip Spa: Spirit

Smokey look kit.

and a sharpner

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