Sunday, August 22, 2010

New NYX Haul

Exciting! I love getting packages, that may be why I'm so addicted to shopping online. It's just so easy to click a few buttons, enter your card details and buy. Then it gets shipped to you and arrives in a box on your doorstep.
it's just like christmas then, opening parcels.

I was having a blah day and running very late. I was much later than usual so the courier had been and I was lucky enough to find this on my doorstep!

Megashine lipglosses: French kiss, smokey look, sweetheart, vanilla and spongecake.
Runway pallettes: Versus, Champagne and Caviar and Strike a Pose.
Mosaic powders: Peachy, dare and rosey.
Lip spa: Jewel
Round lipsticks: Peony, pumpkin pie and orange soda.
Felt tip liner in black.

Rosey, Dare and Peachy
I'm loving these mosaic powders. I thought dare might be too dark or bright or just not me, but its my favourite.

Pinched, Dare, Peachy, Rosey and Natural

Comparison between my two powder blushes and the mosaic powders.

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