Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moon Boot

We had an excitin night last night.

Dad has been trying to get to bed early in preparation for his operation.
I was in bed, as I always go to bed early on school nights.
Nick was playing on the Xbox.

Mum was trying to get the cat into the laundry.

Our gorgeous cat is getting to be an older lady now. She how ever thinks she can take on any of the younger cats, or try it out with wild cats in the park near our house. She can't.
She's had too many trips to the vet and costs us far too much money to patch up!
If only she was actually a good fighter.

So she stays inside, in the laundry at night with a kitty litter tray.

So mum was trying to sort Harry out, it was pourign with rain, and she slipped down the stairs.
She couldn't move, didn't have her cell phone on her, and no one could hear her calling for help.
Somehow she manged to get inside again. I heard and came racing down to sort out the problem.

She couldn't put pressure on her foot, so I offered to drive her to the hospital. She was very certain she didn't want to go though. So I bandaged her up and helped her up to bed.

Next day she went to the doctor, doctor sent her to hospital, hospital sent her to xray, xray said "'ve broken your foot" and she got put in a moon boot.

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