Saturday, August 21, 2010


About 6 weeks ago we attended a Harry Potter themed 21st.

Everyone was expected to go as a different character.
I decided to channel my inner Hufflepuff and go as Hannah Abbott.
I love the fact that I went Hufflepuff where as my darling partner went as a prisoner of Azkaban and definitely a Slytherin.

I bought myself a cheap pale t-shirt, created shield and badger templates and got to work tracing.
I decided  to use my Letraset Pro Makers to create my masterpiece.

The Letraset markers worked very well on the t-shirt, the colours appear rich and vibrant.

The shield by itself didn't quite look right. So I got on the computer, downloaded a Harry Potter font and traced Hufflepuff all over the bottom half of the t-shirt.

I alternated between black and gold lettering. It still didn't quite look right, so I got a grey and light lemon and got to work colouring in.

I'm very happy with how it turned out! I just cant put it through the wash, so it might be a wear oncer...

Looking rather 'impressed' at my photo being taken. Channeling Hannah Abbott, with my Hufflepuff t-shirt, pigtails and scarf.
And lastly...OMG Huuflepuff Cupcakes!

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