Thursday, August 26, 2010

NYX Eyeshadow Trio's

Thursday was an awful day. Absolutely horrible.
It rained. I felt sick. I wanted to hide under my blankets. I didn't want to face my class and teach them.

On wednesday we found out that because of our offer on a house, two other parties had also made offers, and we wouldnt find out the results untill after 4pm. We had to up our offer and re-sign and I was a nervous wreck. It's the third house we've offered on.

5pm that night we found out we'd lost out to a cash buyer. To an investor. The house we desperately wanted would become a rental. Thursday morning I was still feelig very negative. We cant compete with cash buyers with few or no conditions.

Lucky for me I don't stay down long, so by Thursday lunch I was feeling much more optimistic and even wanted to be around people again.

When I got home I had a nice suprise waiting. Four parcels.

One of those parcels was these gorgeous NYX eyeshadow trios. I'd been waiting for them for almost three weeks!

White/grey/black, Guru, Casablanca, Anti Diva, Baby pink/cotton cady/spring flower and Hippie Chic
Pretty colours!
Guru, Baby pink/cotton candy/spring flower and Hippie Chic
I've only tested out three of the six trio's. I'm not sure if I need all of them...I am supposed to be saving to buy a house! These three are gorgeous though. Very soft, easy application and very true to colour on my eyelids.
The only complaint I have is that the palettes are difficult to open. Great for chucking in your purse, they wont come undone, but not so great when I want to test them out. I chipped my nail polish :(

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