Sunday, August 8, 2010

Over the last month I've collected several, well quite a few, of the NYX round lipsticks.

They are inexpensive, creamy, come in 144 colours and are fantastic value for money.
Even when you need to buy them from overseas and pay for shipping.

The only downside is that it's so hard to choose colours! The swatches on NYX and Cherry Culture don't help either. It's best to google colours you might be interested in before buying.

I'm happy with the colours I chose. There are only a few I wouldn't really wear.

Reds: Margarita, Femme, Twist, Nyx, Electra, Snow White and Black Cherry

Neutrals: Mars, Hades, Perfect, Frappuccino and Herades.
Mauve: Thalia, B52, Heather and Lala
Pinks: Tea Rose, Fig, Doll, Louisiana and Spell Bound.
Light Pinks: Harmonica, Narcissus, Jupiter, Indian Pink and Paris.
Nudes: Iris, Circe and Pumpkin Pie

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