Monday, August 23, 2010

More NYX lipsticks...

Yes I admit it I have a problem...This is the last lot I will buy.
I bought these while I was waiting for my 2nd Cherry Culture order to ship.
Suprisingly my Cherry Culture order arrived in record time.

I don't feel guilty about ordering these though!

I haven't swatched them all because mum pounced on them and stole a few and I'm not so sure about some of the colours. So I may sell some on.

Frosted Beige, Peach and Milan.
Strawberry Milk, Rosebud, Watermelon and Vitamin.
Darling, Sierra, Topaz, Apollo and Hebe
I'm in love with Hebe. It's so glamorous. Reminds me of a beautiful lady from trhe 1940's. Her lips are paint red to perfection and her make up is flawless. I love the name, Hebe the godess of youth.

I also own a red ipod nano, which I appropriately named Hebe. So really this colour was just made for me to love. Unfortunately I haven't seen it since I tried it on for the first time and my mother decided it was the perfect colour for her.

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