Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoya Smoke

Good news...Smokey seems to be settling in. She's eaten and starting to creep out of her room to explore. She was even playing with us this evening. Now she's meowing at us for attention. Good signs!

Zoyas Smoke collection is the creme half of the Smoke and Mirrors fall collection. To be honest I wasn't so keen on it. I thought I needed Cynthia and Jana, but not the others. Now that I have the collection I love it and need them all!

My photo's don't capture all the beauty of the Smoke collection. The dark cremes were especially difficult to capture.






Of course these all applied beautifully. The colours are perfect for Autumn so I have 1 day leftto wear them all! Thank goodness Spring is coming. I'm loving the daffodils popping up at the moment.

I loved wearing Codie and wanted to glitz it up a bit. So here's Codie topped with NYX Gilded Glitter.

Zoya Codie and NYX Gilded Glitter
News flash....Smokey just jumped up on to the couch with me. Yay she's starting to like me?


  1. So glad to hear your kittie's settling in!

  2. I think these colours are really pretty for fall! And I'm happy that finally the cat decided to give it a try :)