Thursday, August 25, 2011


I got a parcel today I'm very excited about.

It's a Hit, Backstage Pass, Wish Upon a Rock-star, Platinum Record and Take the Stage
Take the Stage, Platinum Record, Wish Upon a Rock-star,  Backstage Pass and It's a Hit
Yes! Those are Color Club Backstage Pass polishes. Sadly I'm not really feeling them...
I'm in love with Wish Upon a Rock-star (the rainbow glitter), but I need to see them all in daylight to work out my true feelings on them. They are most definitely glamtastic and blingerific. I'm just missing one...the red one. But with my unsure feelings I'm not sure I'll bother tracking it down....even though it's supposed to be the most opaque.

It's Alive, Near Dark, Haunting and Crimson.

It's Alive, Near Dark, Haunting and Crimson
And a collection I'm feeling a lot of love for...China Glaze Haunting the Halloween collection. Yes I'm planning on being Cinderella for Halloween....but I think It's Alive and Haunting are just amazing. I already own Ghoulish Glow so I didn't order that one.


  1. I don't think you could make me any more jealous if you tried! These are on my To Purchase list! Well, It's Alive & Ghoulish Glow are knocked off but they won't arrive for a little while. Is Wish upon a rock star worth getting do you think? From the reviews I've seen it and the red one are the only worth-whiles from the backstage collection.

  2. Oooh and where did you get these guys from?

  3. I actually found these all on ebay. the thing I think i dislike about the Backstage glitters is that the large hex pieces look like they are's just the reflection but i don't like it.

  4. i actually really like all of these! the new china glaze collection is awesome

    shel xx