Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rarotonga: Part 6

After all the excitement of snow the post is finally back to normal today. I came home to two bills (boo), two parcels and a lovely note saying there were five parcels for me to collect at the post office!

Unfortunately i can't get them tonight, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. but I'm uber excited!
One of the parcels I got today was for Nick (lame boy stuff) and the other was my costume for Halloween/his work function/whenever else I can get away with wearing it...A Cinderella dress!

Since my exciting new parcels are at the post office waiting for me to collect tomorrow and there's not enough light left for some decent swatches I thought Id share some more holiday pics.

The day before Mum and dad were due to fly home we all went on a safari style tour of the island. It was awesome.
Why would anyone want to leave this?
The inlet the Cook island Maori people left from in their Waka....They made it all the way to New Zealand.
The Needle, a rock formation at the heart of the island.

Telephone tree
BBQ Trout...omg delicious
When we got back to the resort we snorkeled, sunbathed and hit Happy Hour...In Rarotonga happy hour isn't an hour at most places. Half price cocktails? Count me in!

Happy hour...I miss happy hour...
Those wern't all my drinks! 

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