Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sparkling Sapphire Holo Awesomeness

Have you ever had a winter where you just felt you were sick the whole time?

I had an awesome 10 day in Rarotonga where I'm sure I was healthy for at least 7 of them...

Then I'm back to sick. Argh! Just another head cold, but I'm not good at being sick.
My nose is just dripping, my head hurts, my lips are swollen and sore (actually I'm not sure how that relates) my nose is snore...and I want a cuddle :(

Good thing we've had two snow days so I could stay at home and rest.

Anyway, enough whinging. My nail polish/book room is almost complete. And postal services should be back to normal tomorrow...So maybe I'll get some parcels!

Awhile ago, back when there was sun, I swatched OPI DS Sapphire. I just never found the right time to post this amazing polish. It seemed an appropriate colour at the moment, with all the snow we had yesterday! Gorgeous icy blue holo...mmmm! This was 4 coats. Sapphire is on the thinner side.

OPI DS Sapphire


  1. Get well soon,, :D..
    love this DS on your picture!

  2. This polish is beautiful! I need to bust it out this week :)

  3. Beautiful polish! Hope you feel better soon, I know what you mean about the swollen lips, I had my wisdom teeth out monday and the size of my face is driving me nuts!! lol