Monday, August 22, 2011

Butter London

Just a quick post for all the NZ nail addicts.

Butter London polishes are on sale at NZ Sale for $17.95.
Sure beats $34.99! I just picked up Victoriana and West End Wonderland.

I've been looking for Victoriana for montsh at Farmers, but they never ever have it.


  1. I'm a bit annoyed actually. I was looking forward to this but their shipping is SO overpriced! $8 to post one polish! Three times the price of most trademe shipping and almost completely negates the savings of buying these on sale. :( I really wanted Henley Regatta and now I'm sad, haha.

  2. I know, shippings a little bit crazy. The things we do for something we really want though....I really really wanted Victoriana!