Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rarotonga: Part 5

The day after the wedding I actually abandoned Nick and left him in bed. He was still feeling pretty bad and needed to sleep. I wanted to go to the markets though. So Mum, Matt and I took off on the 8.40am bus to explore the markets.

It was awesome. It wasn't just a tourist market, it was the local market. There was food, vegetables, tourist things, clothes, jewellery and did I mention food? There was so much food!

Busy markets
Mum and I 
Nick with the new toy i bought him at the markets.
Nick was feeling a lot better that afternoon and we managed to get snorkel gear from the resort. So we went for a snorkel! There were so many fish in water by the resort. It was so much fun.

Sexy goggles (If you looking closely that is BB Couture Tink Pink on my nails)
Looking back at the resort from the sea
 After a swim Jess, mum and I went to learn to tie our sarongs.

Myself and Jess looking sexy in sarongs.
then later that night we went to the island show. It was amazing. A full buffet of Cook Island food and an amazing dance show. It was actually a rather busy day, but pretty awesome.

 And i'll leave you today with a sunrise image rather than a sunset. I took this photo the first morning of my married life...(awwwww)....

Mickey and Minnie dancing in the sunrise


  1. AWWW I love the last picture. It looks like an amazing place and an amazing time. You two are so cute together in your sexy goggles.

  2. It truly was an amazing trip :) and I'm sure he's highly impressed with me I posted the goggles pic!

  3. I'm so jealous but I'm so happy that you have a super awesome wedding at a super nice place :D