Monday, August 15, 2011

Opps...and some OPI DS goodness!

I mentioned the other day I had an opps with my nails and a file...then my nails and slippers...then my nails and the scissors...

Well on Sunday I decided to use one of my precious OPI DS polishes...then though my nails were rather hacked looking.

So here is a picture of my opps nails made better because OPI DS Glamour is there.

OPI DS Glamour
So there you have it, opps! My mum's right though, they will grow back.

And here's a sneak peak of my current project...

A room dedicated to my books and polish. Bradley asked if it was my library...I like it!


  1. So jealous! Glamour is my number one lemming. Going to have a go at making my own with some spectraflair pigment! Your polish library looks awesome!

  2. Amazing polish!!
    And good luck with your project!

  3. I've tried everything to store my polishes, in the end I've settled on a book shelf. Glamour is amazing. I will have to re swatch in summer when we have sunshine again... not SNOW!!

  4. Dear OPI Ds Glamour, I love you. But you don't love me back. That's why I have never found you in a shop. I'm really sorry that I can only admire you in other ladies' blogs. :(

    ps. I like your polish storage!